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We provide Consulting & Advisory Services to assist organizations or companies in identifying, analyzing, improving and evaluating business processes and company control systems, both at the operational and strategic levels, as well as providing effective, efficient and implementativesolutions to achieve a competitive advantage.

Consulting Services and Advisory – Project Management (PMO)

Project Management Maturity Analysis with P3M3

P3M3 (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model) is a management maturity model that looks at all aspects of an organization on how the company runs its projects, programs, and portfolios. P3M3 works by looking at the entire system and not just the process.

P3M3 PM3 aims to provide assessments and measurement scores for portfolios, programs and project-related activities within the process area that contribute to achieving a successful project outcomes.

Consulting Services and Advisory – Project Management (PMO)

Develop Project Management Office (PMO)

The Project Management Office (PMO) organization within a company exists to meet the need for multi-project management at the project, program and portfolio levels properly, correctly and in line with the corporate strategy derived from the company's vision and mission. Therefore, this PMO organization has a very important and vital role.

We provide advisory services to organizations or companies that want to build and develop a PMO organization within the company, starting from Structure, Governance and Tools.

Consulting Services and Advisory – Standard Operational Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operational Procedure (SOP)

SOP is an ISO standard requirement which aims to provide working guidelines for the implementation of the process to produce objective evidence stating that the existing system has been implemented effectively. SOP also serve as the auditors' guidelines to conduct the system audits.

We provide quality, practical and informative Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) services to the companies.

5. Project Planning

The foundation of a successful project is a realistic and sound project plan. This offering will help teams new to project management or those with large, complex projects where an independent review of the project approach and plans will help reduce the risk of project failure and identify additional efficiencies.

Gama Presisi Consultants can develop or facilitate the development of an achievable project plan, or components of the project plan, such as:

  • A project schedule
  • A communications management plan
  • A cost management plan using earned value
  • A risk management plan with a risk register documenting project risks, their analysis and responses
  • Risk identification and analysis using a tool such as affinity diagramming or nominal group technique
  • Schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo analysis
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • A change management plan
  • A stakeholder management plan

A fast-track kickstart to your project could be a 1 day session with two of our consultants to build a Work Breakdown Structure and first draft schedule in software such as Microsoft Project. Longer assignments can include development of a risk management process specific to a program, portfolio or large project, followed by facilitating the identifying, analyzing and developing responses to project risks.

Gama Presisi Consultant consultants are also available on an hourly basis as facilitators for your planning session, for requirements identification, scope (WBS), integrating a vendor and client’s schedule, or for risk identification and response development. accountability and efficiency.

6. Project Audit

When things don’t appear to be going according to plan, an outside expert assessment will identify what you’re doing well, and what could be improved. Through interviewing stakeholders, team members, the project sponsor and the project manager - in addition to reviewing key project documents - this offering assesses the health of an in-flight project. Gama Presisi Consulting can conduct an independent evaluation of a process, project, program, or project portfolio. An audit can help identify reasons for a project stalling or failing, or it can document the results and processes used for a successful project that can be replicated in the future. Procept consultants can also audit a portfolio of projects to identify compliance, inconsistencies or weaknesses, or to identify next steps for improvement in project management processes.

Projects audits can be performed in the middle of the project as a regular health check to understand the current state of a project and increase the probability of project success. Or, an audit can be performed on a completed project to document and understand what went wrong (or what went right) for future projects.

Gama Presisi Consulting process for conducting Project Management Audits involves:

  • AUDIT PROGRAM PREPARATION - Identify client objectives and prepare audit plan.
  • INFORMATION GATHERING - Collect data which may include review of project documents, interviews, focus groups sessions, or online questionnaires.
  • DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS - Identify trends, causal relationships and correlations.
  • CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS - Draft report summarizing the findings and data analysis, and provide recommendations for immediate and long term improvements.
  • FINAL REPORT - Final report and presentation incorporating management’s response to the draft report.

Projects or project organizations are often audited to identify reasons for budget and schedule overruns. A project or project process audit will identify project management weaknesses and recommend specific targets for improvement. If implemented, the recommendations typically improve the governance framework within which projects operate, which improves accountability and efficiency.

Gama Presisi Consulting Company (GAPC) is a Management Consulting Company based in Indonesia that is a strategic partner for companies and organizations in building and developing human resource competencies through Education, Training and Certification.

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